Mirror for Samsung TV App Reviews

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Initially I was using this app like any other who are complaining about it but then I figured out that it works if you follow the instructions. You can mirror the voice and the screen with few second delays (2-3 sec roughly).

Works Perfectly

I tried the free Samsung-developed app and it wouldn’t work. I tried another free app and that wouldn’t work either. I decided to spend the $4.99 on this app and it worked perfectly right out of the gate. It’s very easy to install and understand. Highly recommended!

Does What it says

This app does exactly what it says it will do. I can see that there can be user error setting it up. I had to watch the video a couple of times to figure out that I needed to hold my finger down on a button in order to start the mirroring. It works perfectly now that I know what to do.

There’s no working with iPhone

There is no working with iPhone

Why can’t we give 0 stars

I guess one star means the app launches and takes up space. Worst 4.99 I’ve spent.


I paid for this app in it doesn't work I need my $4.99 back 😡

Update. Sound does not work

The video works but not the audio. Disappointed. Update: The app isn’t working at all now.

Does not work

Just purchased this app all i can hear is the audio the screen is black.. when I disconnect then my phone screen go back to normal, waste of money


definitely not worth it! bought the app because i don’t have directv at my new apartment and i wanted to mirror my phone but it doesn’t work! the screen recording method of mirroring makes it so most streaming apps don’t work. waste of money!!!!!!

Won’t even connect to my tv

Bought this based off of the positive reviews but it won’t even pull up my tv. Waste of $4.99

You guys made my day

This app works perfect and I will absolutely give it five stars, all I need from you guys to do are some updates to make it like 4K or something with Big resolution, save me a lot of money and it’s totally worth it.

Save the Five Bucks

Low raying for a reason. Constantly disconnects and takes forever to reconnect just for it to drop connection again and again. Asking for my money back.

Skeptical at First But Everything works as Intended

After reading the app claims and the negative and then positive reviews, I can honestly say this app worked perfectly with showing vidoes with sound, displaying photos with no problems, and showing web sites from my iphone 6 S plus with absolutely no issues on my Samsung tv. This app worked perfectly showing everything from my iiphone to my Samsung tv with some lag which was expected.

Doesn’t work

I’m pretty technologically savvy. This app doesn’t work between my iPhone X & my Samsung tv. Don’t see it as operator error. So ... ????

Be more specific

This app was a fail. Very upset, waist of money. If the tv is not an upgraded one that you can put internet on it does not work. Has to be an Apple TV. Whole reason I downloaded this because I don’t have that.

Iphone to Samsung no good

Wasted $4.99 on this app. All I get is audio when trying to mirror YouTubeTV from the phone. Turn off the broadcast recording and video pops up.

Worked once and that’s it

Worked one time an now my TV does not show up to select. TV an phone are on the same network, I toggled the internet off an on a dozen times, I unplugged my router an modem several times, I checked permissions in my TV settings and my phone shows there. I rebooted my phone several times, even reinstalled the App. Now what ? I cannot recommend this App.

Waste of money

Waste of money. It connected to samsung tv, the logo of app came to my screen and froze. Nothing else worked. Do not download this app


It’s only works for freaking 1 minute and then disconnects very disappointed

No audio from safari

I paid, downloaded to then learn that sound from safari is no supported so I am stuck with lag between my phone and tv and audio that doesn’t match what is on tv. Had I known this was an issue, which states in app that you have to buy in order to open, I wouldn’t have purchased it. Phone being used is iPhone X

Worst app

Don’t waste your money... connects and disconnects... I want my money back

Total crap -Dont waste your money

Nothing works

Was hopefull..

.. but it ended up being a disappointment. Keeps disconnecting from recording/streaming and it can’t even keep up with a low quality video - the image gets frozen while audio is playing and it’s just stuck.

Mirroring a video program with no sound

I just downloaded the app. I have an iPhone 7plus. Setting up is ok. Mirroring is also ok except a few second delay as others already noticed. I can live with it. But the biggest problem is there is no audio. I tried the solution suggested by the developer, that is, open the online video first then start mirroring. It simply doesn’t work.

Works, but SLOW....

Don’t waste your money on this. It does work but it’s suppppeerrrrr slow, at the end of the day you’re trying to connect an Android compatible device with an Apple that’s not meant for...

Sadly doesn’t work well any more

Sadly, the negative reviews given here demonstrate the lack of ability by some people to understand how this app works, with what TV models and the limitations (some apps like Netflix will not work, but you should have your own apps for that on your TV). I used this to watch Crunchyroll on my Samsung TV and it worked perfectly. If you follow the guide in the app description to the letter, it will work fine. The trick is to drag up to bring up the control Center and then find the screen recording button, press and hold it, choose the proper option to mirror and click on that, and it will start recording in a few seconds. It will show up on your TV. Don’t forget to turn down the volume on your iPad, sound should be coming from your TV (whichever way it is connected eg soundbar through d.in etc). I have tried other things, including connecting hdmi cable concoctions from amazon but after a couple months they stop working, this one needs no cables, usb connections etc. Let me make it clear that before you buy read in detail the guide, and if your tv model is supported, it will work. What’s more, it allows me now to screen mirror anything, including google sheets, documents and the such, which is the main reason I needed this. 5 bucks well spent. Edit: A month later, the app still works but it doesn’t have the desired effect any more. Videos hang and keep loading and essentially the standard 3 second delay doesn’t work. The app video continues to play while the tv video keeps loading, then half the frames are lost. The app still works as promised, but it’s only useful if you wish to show some pics; not to stream videos or for productivity (eg use your tv to display a google doc and work on it that way). From 5 stars down to 2.

Won’t work if you want to watch espn

I tried to have watchespn on my phone and mirror it onto my Samsung .. it doesn’t work. Only reason I bought this app. Wish I could get my money back

Didn’t do what I wanted it to do

Downloaded this to try to get football games (Sunday Ticket) from my phone to my TV. Didn’t work.

Issues With iPhone 5s

I’m giving 3 stars because I’ve had the app for two days and I’m not sure what to rate it. I have an iPhone 5s and after about 30 seconds use it says check network connection and it stops the mirroring. My network is good and the tv and my phone are connected to the same WiFi. If there is something I may be doing wrong I would love to know. Thank you.


It didn’t work.. I’d like my money back thank you!

Awful Product

User interface is the easiest and once it is working the quality is trash! Would’ve rated it a zero if possible

Limited audio

No audio when mirroring any web browser so far—chrome, safari, Firefox. YouTube app audio does work.


Would not recommend. It takes 15 seconds to flip pictures in my camera roll, if it ever does it. I would love my money back.

Would like a refund

Nothing I stream mirrors onto my smart T.V. I have really good WiFi and still doesn’t seem to work. What a waste...

Worked once

I was hopeful with this app to mirror my iPhone to my Samsung Smart TV to do a PowerPoint for my fantasy football draft. I got it to work 10 mins before everyone showed up and made the mistake of turning it off. When I tried to load it back up, I couldn’t get it to work again. The screen would not stop “recording” but it wasn’t mirroring on the TV. I had to delete the app off my phone to get the “recording” to stop. Waste of $5 😕

Very limited

I mainly want to stream tv or movies. It does not work with Netflix and it does not work with Dish TV. Those are major reasons I want to cast from my iPad to a TV, thus this app is totally useless for me. Plus it’s much more cumbersome to use, versus any of the android based casting apps that my kids have on their android phones.

It does work once you figure out the record button

The key thing is to use the record button that shows up after you load the app , not the screen mirroring button. My main reason to buy the app was to show photos on my iPhone in the bid screen. On that note I was surprised to see that it actually makes a video of what I display on my iPhone and project on the Samsung TV, yes with a 3 second delay which is OK for my use. When you stop recording it saves the video in my photo library. This concerns me a little if it is consuming a lot of my phone’s memory capacity which is close to being maxed out with all the photos I have. Any suggestions?

Yay! It works!

Set up is fast easy and simple. Sound works with YouTube and Facebook. But it doesn’t work with safari. I believe they are trying to fix that not sure. But I Facebook messaged their support and got a fast response. They suggested to download another web browser called Puffin which is free and the sound works now. Thanks so much for your help.


Can someone contact me. I would like my $5.33 refunded

Did not work

My Samsung TV gave an error saying it couldn’t playback protected programs. Can I please get a refund as I have no point for this app if it won’t work on my tv. Thank you

Doesn’t connect

App wouldn’t connect to my TV. It just kept moving in circles saying connecting. TV and phone were on same Wifi, followed the minimal support instructions provided but still unable to get it to work

Laggy and cant connect to support staff yet

I’d easily change my review to 5 stars if someone from support for the app could help me figure out why the stream is lagging so badly!!! If I dont hear something soon, definitely going to request a refund

Rip off

I purchased it, when it came do n to connecting to my tv it only connected for about 5 seconds and then it would disconnect, tried reaching customer service about it, they never got back. Horrible app, horrible customer service. It’s not worth a penny


Hey, this app is no good, I like my money back, not sure why you got to record to mirror the iPhone to Samsung Tv. It’s called Mirror for Samsung, not Recording for Samsung. Just saying.

The sound doesn’t work

Has a sound functional problem 💔 I just burned $4.99

Not good for streaming tv or movies!

All my tv & movie apps do not allow screen recording while streaming. This app only works via screen recording, therefore, it doesn’t work. Total waste of 5 bucks!

Hell no

I want my money back it does not work

Screen mirrored but nothing would play

I was able to get my phone to “show up” on my Samsung tv but couldn’t see anything other than the screen recording/mirror Samsung screen- that is, we couldn’t see the actual videos were we’re streaming on the phone.

This is awful

You cannot watch any live tv using this App.


Don’t work I want my money back

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