Mirror for Samsung TV App Reviews

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Does not work.

I just purchased this because of the good reviews. It worked for about 4 minutes then said error connecting to Samsung TV. What a waste of 4.99... I’d like to be contacted please!

Terrible App



it’s super laggy 🅱️lease help

It’s a no for me !! iPhone users avoid !

It was easy to download and easy to find my tv, however it’s taking too long to load, and the sound is going but the screen is black but once i turn off the mirror screening my movie plays. It’s a no for me and looking for a refund 👎🏾

It works, but it's not perfect

It took me a while to get my iphone-8-plus screen to show up on my Samsung 32" TV (a 2014 model) because I kept trying to use the "screen mirror" button in the iPhone control panel. But after installing the app, there is a new button on the control panel for "screen recording" (a circle with a big dot on the middle) and that's the one you should use. So now it works! But no sound comes from the TV, so I have to listen with the iPhone. But the TV picture is about 5 seconds behind the iPhone sound, so that's annoying. If the developer fixes the sound problem, I'll give the app 5 stars!


1min+ delay plus stops to load every second... not worth even $1


Slow connection no good it’s a waste

I want my money back

I tested this on both my friends iPad and my iPhone. Three difference apps - Amazon Prime, Youtube, and one other. This app is nothing but glitchy and my friend convinced me to pay for this crap software. I didn’t want to and now I want my money back. I haven’t ever been mad like this I usually review apps positively and this one is a HUGE no.

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Waist of money

Doesn't work at all!

Do not buy this app

This app does not work. Do not buy this app!!!! I wan’t refund !!!!!


Followed the instruction and was able to mirror for a few seconds but keeps on disconnecting. Total waste

App doesn’t work so don’t waste your time.

Thrown away money for a waste of time. iPhone will connect to Samsung smart tv but won’t stay connected for longer than two minutes. Want a refund.

Not what it can be

The YouTube mirror function is a lot better than this. Not worth the price at all. It's very slow and disconnects often. Also apparently the sound from videos or movies you watch will play from your phone and not the TV? Not sure how that's useful.


It did not work one bit every time I went to connect it to my tv it didn’t work and then told me no TV was found after I repeatedly selected my TV!!!😡😡

Don’t pay attention to the bad reviews!

It does what it’s supposed to which is mirror with sound! Not disappointed, although there’s a couple second delay with streaming, I’m not disappointed at all!


Would like my account not to be charged. Did not work. Refund!!!!!

Don’t do it! Not worth it

Don’t waste your pennies. It’s great for mirroring nothing of consequence. Can’t mirror half of what and why people would buy this app in the first place. No Netflix, no amazon prime movie, no DirectTv.


It was terrible because I couldn’t screen mirror my iPhone to my Samsung Tv.I tries everything but it simply did not work.😡😡🤬


The app not work same what i want .. this is not actual mirroring please refund the purchases.. Thanks

It works

Downloaded app. Followed instructions to the T. The app worked at first connecting to my tv and displaying the instructions. After the instructions were done. It connect to my YouTube app on my tv. And after that. Nothing. I tried to play something else. Did not work. Tried closing and reopening app. Nothing. Then I reset my phone. Reran the app. And it worked. And also make sure to long press the record button to bring up the options. But yea it works. About a 5 second delay. But it works.

Doesn’t work with Netflix

Unfortunately, this app did not work for me. When I used CNN I had an annoying non-synchronization between the movement of news casters lips and actual sound. It did not work at all for Netflix. Customer support is terrific however — they really try. Unfortunately they are stuck with the product the company is selling.

Super Easy!!

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about buying this app from all of the bad reviews, but I’m glad I bought it!! It works perfectly, I think some people just aren’t setting it up right. The sound works, the delay isn’t bad at all and it’s super good for movies and basically anything that can be watched. I’m really loving the simplicity of this!! Thank you for making this app!!!!!!!

Doesn’t work

I tried mirroring my iPhone and it works but after a bit it says that something is wrong with the WiFi but there’s nothing wrong with it. Very disappointed.


what a waste of money. the app has great potential but it’s so slow!! my phone connects and it mirrors but there’s a big delay and it constantly gets disconnected. whenever it does happen to work, there’s a big lag. not very good.


I guess it’s common sense, but I didn’t think that I needed internet to use this. I didn’t have a chance to use it so I’ll just give them three stars.

Great Product

This is a great app that works as described. After I installed it I had a problem viewing the YouTube video but I was able to figure out the 3D button press for screen recording in the control panel. Once I started the broadcast, I could see my phone on my tv with a short delay. I went to the app I wanted to view and it worked for a couple of minutes before dropping out. I contacted their support team and was immediately answered via email with instructions on a few things to try. I followed their recommendations and now the app mirrors my iPhone screen onto my Samsung TV perfectly. I think the other bad reviews are just people that have very little tech sense or an inability to follow instructions. I totally recommend this app!

Scam 2

The setup goes as it indicated, however this app does not work, either on an ipad or iphone. Get the Apple product.


DON’T DOWNLOAD!!!, app should be removed from the App Store!

Not working properly

I just bought this app to watch HBO now and it’s just showing a black screen and some sound.

Useful app

Works fine for iPhone to Samsung device..


Much easier ways to mirror to a tv.waste of $5.00


I bought the app installed it and it will not play a video. My phone screen will come up on the tv but when I scroll to the next screen or click on an app there is a 15 to 30 second delay to show on the tv screen. When I try to play a video the app closes and states there was an unexpected error... don’t waste your money.

Don’t waste your money it doesn’t work!!

I want my money back.

Super stoked, true mirroring!

Read reviews on server mirroring apps. Most were scammers, but this one had responded to all negative comments so I purchased. I just wanted to mirror my phone and not just photos or recorded video. It’s live interaction. I downloaded the app and the verbal instruction walked me through the easy setup. I have only downloaded less than 10 apps and this was easy and works great. My main reason for purchase was to run my security cameras on both smart tv without using a HDMI cable. Both popped up and connected!!! Thanks JIM

Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work. Doesn’t even mirror properly, a waste of $4.99

Great App!

I just installed this and it worked like a charm. I was hoping to get DirectTV to work, but Direct TV was not allowing sharing. Everything else works. I can show photos and even see video better on my son’s MMA fights that I have on my phone. I am pleased with this app.

This app doesnt work

Save your money. This app is junk. Its not working!

Do not purchase

Waste of money, no sound will play through. When searching about sound; you have to purchase additional AirBeamTV after you buy the app. It will show your screen on the television, but no sound will be heard unless you purchase additional. When trying to contact someone to get money back; there is no where to contact someone. Rip off.


Just couldn’t get it to work

You don’t want this

This does not mirror any app worth using because most movie/tv apps use DRM. Just tried to mirror from DirecTV. “Turn off screen recording to continue watching” So, if you just want to watch YouTube on your TV, then fine. Here’s the best part - you presumably can arrange for a refund, but only by logging into the AirBeam Facebook page. So, no Facebook account, no refund?!?! Waiting for additional assistance on my refund. I guess the concept here is that most people will be willing to shoot $5 down the drain to see if this thing will stream whatever it is they want to stream. That’s exactly what I did 😖 Update - developer provided info for refund - thanks!


Wanted to use it for simple screen sharing with mostly static images like photos, charts & presentations. It takes a full 5 seconds to display a photo from my iPad Pro.

Works fine with me

So many irate reviews.. Have you all ever thought maybe just maybe it’s you the user??


Very disappointed I want a refund I can mirror YouTube through YouTube. I wanted to mirror phone to use google on my tv.

Don’t get this

It doesn’t work at all I waste money 😥😥😥.i hate it .refund me


So before buying this app I read the reviews and saw a lot of “don’t buy horrible!” “Doesn’t work” “100% scam” but I decided to give it a try anyways because it’s only $5 and you can easily get your money back. After downloading it and trying it out, I honestly laughed at how stupid all the bad reviews are. Because everything that people were complaining about, the answers to fixing that problem was literally on the app. So that means NO ONE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! Smh. And people complain that they hear sound from the phone as well as the tv and it’s a 15sec delay. All you have to do is turn down the volume on your phone! DUH! Who cares about a 15sec delay you’re not going to be watching it on both screens. AND the app tells you that you have to start recording once you are in the app you want to use AND tells you that if you try moving from one app to another then the sound WILL turn off or screen may not work. All you have to do is stop recording, go to the next app and record again. SO they literally answer all your problems but people are just too lazy to read. If I could add a video to show you guys for proof I would. That being said, This app is honestly really good, definitely worth buying, I’ve been looking for a way to get my phone screen on my tv without chrome cast or an HDMI cable. So THANK YOU SO MUCH to the people who made this app. Chrome and the cable cost $30 this is only $5. Best ever and so happy to finally find exactly what I was looking for. You guys don’t deserve all these bad reviews at all and I appreciate you working hard to make this app great 👌🏽🙃

Please refund my money

Just paid for App 2 min. ago , The App is not working to mirror any things, it’s just works for Youtube. Please refund. That’s Not mirroring

Doesn’t not stream TV apps...

Will not let me stream my Comcast TV service to my Smart TV, from my iPhone app. App leads you to believe this is possible.

Does not work

Does not work, I’d like to be refunded

Doesn’t work

App doesn’t work on any of my 3 Samsung smart TVs. Don’t download it. Please read the reviews.

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