Mirror for Samsung TV App Reviews

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This is a Crap App!

If you have $5 you want to throw away on a really bad app, buy this one. I promise you won’t be disappointed, like me you can spend a couple of hours trying to perfect your troubleshooting skills as to why this app won’t even recognize your year old Samsung Smart TV, then you finally realize you have been had. Great job Dev team, you’re number one and I gave you a one star rating to prove it!

Follow the simple instructions!

If you follow the simple instructions it works like a charm. I used my iphone and ipad and 2 different tv’s. Also, I had a question about audio transfer, I sent a facebook message from their page and they responded in like 5 minutes - and it’s 11:30 pm. AWESOME - now I don’t have to buy an Apple Tv !

Terrible apps

The apps is terrible, slow, lag and shut-down. Can I refund?

It doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work at all, the steps to follow doesn’t work, I can’t set it up, I wrote an email to them, but I haven’t gotten no answer.

Terrible app

Followed the instructions to the letter. When I press the record button, it only allows me to record the screen to photos rather than streaming it my Samsung TV.

Very bad

The app does not work for me! I would like a refund !


App is good a little laggy at first but does the job still room for improvement.

Waste of money

Easy to setup. Works, but the lag makes it absolutely unusable.

Very bad app

This app does not work. It keep reconnecting. Just doesnt do the job well. App keeps freezing as well.

Waste of money

This app doesn’t work. I tried and it disconnected while doing the tutorial. I was trying to stream my Directv to my Samsung smart tv. Don’t waste your time and money trying this.

Don’t waste your money!!!

Screen continues to flip back and forth without even moving your phone and it’s extremely delayed!!!! Don’t waste your money !!! I want a refund ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so mad!


Es una estafa total

Worst App Ever

This app never, ever, works properly. I want my money back.


Doesn’t work plus for about 5 mins no sound to ur tv wasted $5


Terrible. Doesn't work. Followed tutorials. Have a compatible tv. Only 1 simple WiFi network in my house. $4.99 wasted!

it suckssss

don’t get it honestly it’s crappy and i want a refund i did everything i could to try to make it work but nothing helps it and i want a full refund as soon as possible

Slow and unsychornizes

There is about 2-3 seconds lag.

Just 2 mins on broadcast!

The signal is interrupted every 2 or 3 minutes. I'm using a 5G signal and I only have my iPhone and my Smartv connected to that router. Please, give me back my money.

Not perfect

It works on my TV and phone but it takes a little time to figure out what I’m doing so obviously it’s really slow plus the screen keeps rotating , if I knew this app was like this I wouldn’t purchase it I paid almost 5 dollars for something does not work properly

Did not do what I wanted

I wanted to watch purchased videos from my iPhone on my TV. Apple has it blocked so you can not screen record purchased videos. Ugh!

App never connected to Tv. Waster purchasing

Do not ever download this app and waste money

Okay app

It actually works, but if you try to mirror videos from safari, chrome or any web browser the videos will have not sound, if they fix that, I will definitely come back and give a higher review, but so far that’s my problem.


I downloaded the app, it did its job. But there was a 10 second delay from my I phone to my Samsung Smart TV which defeated the purpose of me downloading. I got it so I could play my cellphone games but I can’t win anything with that much lag.


this app works fine but when its being broadcasted, the TV loads it slower than on the iphone. please fix

Working just fine

I could not believe I couldn’t get my new IPhone to mirror on my Samsung 4K TV! Glad I found this today because I can’t do my workouts anymore looking at a tiny phone screen. Set up was easy.

Needs a bunch of fixing

The delay was really horrible once I got it to “screen display”. On some of my apps, the sound did not work. There needs to be a lot of updates and fixing on this app.

Doesn’t work for the Fios TV App

I bought this app to specifically mirror Fios TV from my phone to my Samsung TV since the TV doesn’t have the Fios app. Unfortunately, the app’s ‘recording’ capability is blocked by the Fios app so it doesn’t work for it.

I should have trusted the ratings ....

Downloaded the app have a new high end Samsung smart TV and followed the instructions exactly and confirmed I was on the same WiFi network. Tried every suggestion the app provided without success, I want a refund. I then downloaded a free app and had success. So the issue isn’t my tv or my iPhone.

Wasted my money

After a big struggle I finally made it work for an afternoon after reading all the fixes. But now it doesn’t show my tv. Don’t waste your money I did.

Easy to Use App

Downloaded App. With a little guidance, got it working quickly! Love it!

Initially not working, but is now.

Followed all steps for setup, but still did not work. Works okay now. How you press “screen recording” is not intuitive.

Doesn’t work , waste of $

Never connected . Followed all the instructions. It’s a sham , I got robbed .


Literally in the tutorial video they give you, you can tell they’re using a third party dock connector when the control center is visible. They “claim” they’re selling you a screen mirroring software when in reality they’re selling you a pipe dream. R.I.P to my hopes of screen mirroring to my tv, I was really looking forward to touchgrind bmx 2 on the big screen but I guess I’ll have to wait. Btw I’m on an iPhone 8+ and screen mirroring comes in by default and when I hold down the button on the control center the option of screen mirroring for Samsung tv doesn’t come up :(


I should’ve spent the money on Taco Bell instead

Would like a refund ASAP

Good idea but Did not work with my iPhone X and Samsung curve tv followed all instructions still nothing please refund

Terrible delay

It has a terrible video delay. The audio on my phone is ahead of the video on the screen. The audio does not play on the tv.


I downloaded it and set everything up but there is serious lag. There’s about a 3-5 second delay from your phone to the TV. It pretty much makes this app useless.


Need to be faster ....” Solve the problems “

Unusable/ Has lots of bugs

Mirror works. But the picture on the tv is upside down and without sound. I used a Samsung 6 series (52”- 4K Ultra HD).


Bought for $4.99 to stream a game to my phone. Hooked up correctly but kept stopping and never could stream.

Ok I got it to work

With the rapid response from the support team. It’s not what I imagined it would be, but that was my fault. It really does mirror (stream) from your phone. I have mine streaming to my Samsung TV. Why I wanted it was to play courses which I downloaded to my phone. Does it, so I’m good with it. Thx guys.


Does not work all you can see is the demo

It’s good but

It is a very good app i used it but its slow like on the tv I will wait until the app to open on tv but on the iPhone/iPad it will already be open

Easy to use and working properly, with a single bug

I really like this program, I’ve used it to put my photos and videos and even streaming videos in my tv and it works beautifully. Only problem is that every few minutes (5-10 minutes) the sound drops out and only video goes to my TV. I have to stop broadcast and start again to have sound for a few minutes. If this bug gets fixed it’ll be a five star review from me.


Added screen recording, followed instructions, nothing happened, app should be taken off the store.

Refund lol

Yeah I bought the wrong app and idk if I can get a refund or not I was trying to buy the one for lg tv but accidentally bought this one

Way too slow

Scrolling pictures is 10 seconds late. The tv router and iPhone in the same room lol. More like a lagged recording of what you did 10 seconds ago.


Don’t buy it it’s a huge wad of money doesn’t work at all.

Don’t work

Well I should had listen to my inside voice and after reading reviews should had listen. I bought and it doesn’t work. I would Like a refund please. I follow instructions and it doesn’t work with my iPhone. As soon as I open the app it won’t even show my TV, watch the tutorials and read instructions and nothing

Not good

This doesn’t work at all. Dont buy this.

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