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Waste of Money

I should have listened to the reviews. Does not work for NBA TV app when trying to watch a game. Do not buy. I want my money back

Didn't work with my iPad or iPhone. I want my money back.

Didn't work with my iPad or iPhone. I want my money back.

Great support!

Had some trouble getting started but with support now works great! Love it!

Do NOT get this app

I saw that this had bad reviews, but most just seemed to describe user-error, so I thought it would be fine. It is NOT. Despite having a great WiFi connection, this still had a delay of several seconds, combined with constant lag and stutter, as well as pixelization. This makes it completely useless. Even if I were doing something as basic as streaming a video it would look terrible, and I wouldn’t be able to pause/stop/rewind properly. It also wouldn’t stream the audio, so all sound was coming from my iOS device even with videos. Worst of all, they seem to have some invisible backdoor deal with Apple that makes the app ineligible for refunds, no matter how screwed up it turns out to be. I would never have risked buying this in the first place if I knew it could not be refunded under any circumstance.

I was robbed!

This thing disables the apps you are trying to mirror to the tv. This is a total scam.


Waste of money will not work ..

Don’t purchase!

I bought this app in a hurry and had problems so asked for support which was quick but ridiculous! The last two suggestions from them didn’t even make sense. I bought this app very quickly and saw the two stars as I hit purchase. What a mistake. I’ve never reviewed an app before but want to warn others to not make the same mistake I did. What a joke.

Not working as expected

When I broadcast into my Samsung tv, there is a lag between video and audio. It doesn’t work like other casting tools.

Waste of money

Does not work as advertised. Wish I could get a refund on this app.


Didn’t work it was a waste of $4.99, I would like a refund but I don’t know how ?? Like some help plz? Bought it on iPhone 8

Good App, Great Support

So, obviously paying for the app is not ideal but I understand the need to put food on a table so as long as the app does what I need it to do, I have no problem with sacrificing a cup of coffee. I bought the app to put twitch.tv streams on my smart TV and after using the in app tutorial videos, it was very easy to set everything up and accomplish just that. Initially I struggled because I don’t like to read instructions so I sent an email to the developers asking for help. While my issues were all resolved once I actually watched all the tutorial videos, they responded within the day to help me which was also appreciated. For reference, I was having issues with getting sound to play through the TV. The app is an easy and fast work around for a feature that should be standard on the phone so I appreciate the company making up for apples negligence and ability to make everything difficult. Would recommend purchase if you are on the fence.

Does the job

Had some hiccups from the beginning, mostly due to settings of my iPad. Used the app’s built in support option to communicate the issues, received immediate answer and a great help. Now after the initial setup, it is easy to start viewing the iPad content on the tv screen. The only thing to work on is a slight lagging, but if you are watching one thing like a video instead of browsing through many it’s not noticeable. Also the developers are working to shorten the lagging time to half a second. So far, four-star app, but the five-star customer support!

Audio cuts out after 10 mins

I so wanted this to work! And, it does... for about 10 minutes... and then the audio cuts out. Please make it work!

I would give it 0 stars if I could

I literally downloaded this app did everything right and it wouldn’t play. 5 bucks for nothing and I couldn’t even watch my moooovie 🙄

Refund please

Lags like hell don’t waste your time or money

Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work. Technical support is a joke. The one thing that impressed me is that they managed to get 3 stars for a non-working app. I wonder how many family members had to submit fake reviews to make it happen. Do not waste your money

Terrible App

App is somewhat useless. The way it works is by considering the phone screen to be ‘recording’ which renders it non-functional with many video streaming apps. Unless you want to spend $5 to show someone your home screen, don’t waste your $.

Pretty neat, but....

Setup was easy and it recognized my Samsung TV right away. The connection kept dropping, probably at the fault of wifi. Videos on the ESPN app wouldn’t play while connected. I didn’t try much beyond that.

Not working

Can’t find my Samsung’s. Does not work. Requesting a refund.

Waste of money

Simply doesn’t work and that seems to be a recurring theme in a lot of reviews.

Great Mirroring app.

It’s great overall but it takes around 5-6 seconds for the screen recording to catch up to the speed of your phone.


Everytime I use it it takes forever to load and then disconnects from everything, good waste of money.

It didn’t work for me!

It didn’t work!!!

Total Garbage

Total garbage. Doesn’t work in any meaningful way. Wish I could get a refund.


A complete waste!

Won’t mirror

It won’t mirror or show my t.v

Needs work but is a great step

Only complaint is the latency in Audio when I try to watch things. If this can be fixed this app will be truly perfect. Slick easy to use and if you have any issue please contact support on Facebook and they will help you fast and easy!

So close yet so far

Might not be developers fault since Apple blocks lot of loopholes... but the app’s method of broadcasting is essentially blocked by some major content services... any major content provider other than YouTube (or Netflix which I don’t need this app for anyway since Samsung has native apps) have some kind of block in their iPhone apps that cut out the video from casting to the tv or simply tell you to stop “screen recording” to stream video from their applications. This is somewhat of a deal breaker for me because screen mirroring alone isn’t that useful if I can’t get everything to show up without restriction. $5 is worth it if the method of casting wasn’t a commonly blocked method! I should have read reviews. You should offer for $2.99 if you are fair and make sure to very clearly state: “THIS APP MAY NOT BROADCAST ALL CONTENT PROVIDER’S APP VIDEO”

Waste of money

Keeps kicking me out saying my tv is not connected.. yet it is. There is just a lot wrong with it. If you think it’s better than the Apple TV I’d rather spend more money. Not worth $5


At first I thought it was going to trash then saw the reviews and thought they were bots.I bought the app and used it and it worked perfectly perfect sound and audio this app is a match made in heaven for me.


Keeps crashing. Pictures very small. Would like my money back if I could get it.

Hate to be that guy but...

I downloaded this app because I disconnected my WiFi because I was moving. I was thinking I could use my iPad to mirror onto my screen. After purchasing the app, and getting in I realized I had to have WiFi for my TV...to hook up to my cellular ipad...bummer

No sound

When attempting to stream it from my iPhone using Safari there is no sound. Since there is such lag with the sound, the app is useless for me.

Not bad

When I first purchased this app, I thought it was horrible, with an 8 SECOND delay, but after time, and lots of updates they have made it only 3 seconds, not bad for a 5 dollar app considering an Apple TV costs 300 something dollars.

Doesn’t work for gaming.

Doesn’t work for gaming. It mirrors perfectly but it has big delay between what you see on the phone and what is displayed on the tv screen

Mirror Samsung tv

This app did not work for me at all so I would like to get my money back please thank you


Connects, then the moment I start watching anything, this app disconnects and I am able to watch nothing. Also locks up


If this worked, it would be fantastic. But it doesn’t. Waste of $5.

Samsung 8 series

Love how you can mirror to my Samsung tv. Only bad thing is the lag from the iPhoneX to my Samsung tv. Would like it if the lag wasn’t 5 to 7 seconds late. After a couple of times using it started to stop streaming the audio I hope they can get that problem fixed.

Don’t waste your money

Do not feel comfortable with it recording my every move first off then when I was screening it was late on every move I made. If I could I Wouldn’t even give it one star waste of money


Title says it all.

Works perfectly on the Dolphin browser

I tried this app using both safari and google web browsers. The audio did not work. I emailed tech support which I strongly suggest you do before you rate the app. They responded within 30 min to give me the work around. The work around did not work for safari or google. So I downloaded the free Dolphin app (their suggestion) and it works beautifully. I would like it to work with safari but until Apple gives them a fix, it will be a problem - but not theirs.

WiFi Dependent

The mirroring part works great. The app doesn’t work with Yahoo Sports. The app is Wi-Fi dependent and Yahoo sports will not let you watch The NFL games when Wi-Fi is turned on.


There is a huge lag between screen and mobile. Also the portrait orientation does not work. I want to mirror games and got a horrible experience.

Doesnt work with movie box

This works with the camera perfectly and YouTube perfectly but doesn’t stream movie box. I’m not sure if it’s just the streaming or if I have to actually download a movie to watch it. Hopefully a developer can help. Otherwise works decent

Does not work

My iPad screen goes black but nothing comes up on the TV. Yes they are connected to the same network. I have restarted everything and it still doesn’t work.


Initially I was using this app like any other who are complaining about it but then I figured out that it works if you follow the instructions. You can mirror the voice and the screen with few second delays (2-3 sec roughly).

Works Perfectly

I tried the free Samsung-developed app and it wouldn’t work. I tried another free app and that wouldn’t work either. I decided to spend the $4.99 on this app and it worked perfectly right out of the gate. It’s very easy to install and understand. Highly recommended!

Does What it says

This app does exactly what it says it will do. I can see that there can be user error setting it up. I had to watch the video a couple of times to figure out that I needed to hold my finger down on a button in order to start the mirroring. It works perfectly now that I know what to do.

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