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Don’t work I want my money back

Does Not Allow for Streaming Video in Landscape Mode from your web browser.

The Airbeam app does allow you to mirror your iPhone and it does allow you to stream media content from your web browser to your tv, but as soon as you enter landscape mode so the video fills your entire tv screen, the app gives you an error message and disconnects your iPhone from your tv. I’d like to be able to watch content from my browser to fill the entire screen. As a result I’m giving this app 2 stars. Hopefully the developers correct this issue soon.

Samsung un7300

I have a 55in Samsung tv & it works fantabulous. It may feel a bit buggy but you just have to wait a couple of seconds & it will cast

Bs app

I got this app yesterday and it mirrors on my tv but works slow asf

Don't put your TV on Screen Mirroring!

I had some issues right off the bat - but I Facebooked the developer - and they responded and figured out my error in two seconds. I had tried/followed all the directions from the FAQ - but still nothing was working. However the error was simple to fix! I left my TV as HDMI(source) and it stopped disconnecting. DON'T put your TV on Screen Mirroring (source) - if you have some products. The team was so quick to respond! Very happy with this purchase!

Waste of money and time

I didn’t know you had to have WiFi in order for it to work. Makes no sense my iPhone has internet all I’m doing is basically “mirroring “ my phone so why would my tv need WiFi in order for it to work ? Waste of money . I want a refund


The reason I downloaded the app was to be able to watch movies in my tv however it is not supported. This information could of been useful before I purchased the app.


Awesome app and the best customer service !

I want a refund!!

This app is just terrible. No if ands or buts. Not worth the 5 bucks. Do not buy this. 👎🏻

This app is a waste

This app does not work, please do not waste your money and purchase this.

Let me know when it works. Waste of $5!!!

Let me know when it works. Waste of $5!!!

Working there bed

work very badly stops every 2 minutes. 5$ for such a bad thing :(

Works well but there’s a lag

So despite the negative reviews, I actually got it to to work and it does everything as expected. However, there’s a 3 second lag whenever I do any activity on the phone. Kind of annoying, and another annoying thing is that the sound is controlled by your phone and so you’re stuck hearing sound coming from your phone and your tv. If there’s a fix to both of these issues, please let me know and you can have your one star.

Works great!

During initial setup I had problems. Emailed support and got a very timely and professional response. Great buy...app is all I hoped for!

Need help with getting the audio to work

The set up was relatively easy and I am able to get the screen to mirror. But unfortunately can’t seem to get the audio to work. Have tried closing and reopening the app with various browsers ( Safari, Chrome, Puffin, Dolphin) and the audio just doesn’t work. I am not here to ask for a refund but would really like the app to work. Any help would be appreciated. Would have no issues giving this a 5 star rating except that it does not serve the purpose and doesn’t not merit even the 1 star rating I am giving it. Will be happy to change the rating to 5 star the minute the audio starts working.

Does not work with hardwired tv

I learned after I purchased that the phone and tv need to both be on WiFi for mirror to work.

Can’t hear sound

I started screen recording on safari and the sound doesn’t come.WHAT a rip off this app is doesn’t even work properly but it’s 5. Nice one

It doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work at all. It is not detecting my Samsung tv and I followed every steps listed on what to do when the tv is not being detected.


Doesn’t work want a refund!! If I could give no stars I would

Perfect! Works exactly as advertised!

Sadly, the negative reviews given here demonstrate the lack of ability by some people to understand how this app works, with what TV models and the limitations (some apps like Netflix will not work, but you should have your own apps for that on your TV). I used this to watch Crunchyroll on my Samsung TV and it worked perfectly. If you follow the guide in the app description to the letter, it will work fine. The trick is to drag up to bring up the control Center and then find the screen recording button, press and hold it, choose the proper option to mirror and click on that, and it will start recording in a few seconds. It will show up on your TV. Don’t forget to turn down the volume on your iPad, sound should be coming from your TV (whichever way it is connected eg soundbar through d.in etc). I have tried other things, including connecting hdmi cable concoctions from amazon but after a couple months they stop working, this one needs no cables, usb connections etc. Let me make it clear that before you buy read in detail the guide, and if your tv model is supported, it will work. What’s more, it allows me now to screen mirror anything, including google sheets, documents and the such, which is the main reason I needed this. 5 bucks well spent.

Doesn’t work

I wang my money back.

Can’t use phone with tv

I paid for app set everything up and tried using DirecTV. There was no Samsung in the options For the tv and when I tried to use my phone it said I had to Shut off screen recording.


That’s it. Money in the trash!

Version 2.1 works great!!

Thank You! This app works great! Recently purchased a Samsung TV for one of my wife’s Jazzercise Centers. Primary purpose for TV is for mirroring her iPhone onto TV screen so that her Jazzercise customers can see her heart beat in real-time while she’s on stage leading their workout. Prior to finding and testing this app she has been plugging into a HDMI cable designed for iPhone mirroring. Considering all the cool Samsung products it’s frustrating to know Samsung TVs will never natively support iOS wireless “screen sharing” directly. So glad and very thankful to the folks at AirBeamTV BV for wirelessly bringing a big smile to my lovely brides face! Although initial app setup was somewhat busy but even with a 3 seconds latency between iPhone and TV displays, this app works great!!


Doesn’t work. Worked for about 30 sec and then had to keep resetting WiFi. Just a bad app.

Doesn’t work with IPhone 6 s

There is not screen recording botton...not able to use it..lost the 5 dollars

Want my money back

This is a scam, doesn’t work for Samsung or any tv

Does not work for ITunes

This does not work for protected content such as movies bought in iTunes or DRM enabled apps. Only useful for photos or other apps. Also has a delay.

App crashes

App crashes on movies

Only works with Apple TV??

This appears to only work if you have Apple TV. I have direct tv now, and want to mirror it to my tv but it doesn’t seem to have a feature for that. I wish that was in the description before I paid the 5$. Anyone out there wanting this app beware of that feature.

It works very well; good service from developer

It took me a while to get my iphone-8-plus screen to show up on my Samsung 32" TV (a 2014 model) because I kept trying to use the "screen mirror" button in the iPhone control panel. But after installing the app, there is a new button on the control panel for "screen recording" (a circle with a big dot on the middle) and that's the one you should use. So now it works! If the TV gives no sound along with the picture, after you hit the "screen recording" button, just restart the iPhone app that you want to display on Samsung TV; now the sound will play through the TV. Picture and sound on TV are well synced to each other, but are delayed by about 7 seconds with respect to iPhone display, so it’s not good for game playing. But picture and sound are great on tv! I use it for videos on news web sites, Google Earth, reading Kindle books, lots of other apps.

Not worth it!

There is a ten second lag, and the sound does not come through at all. I bought this app so I could play my itunes on it instead of buying a Bluetooth speaker. But now I have to buy the speaker. Not worth $5

No sound !

I tried using puffin browser but still no sound and dolphin browser is not free !! I spent $5 and I can’t hear anything ..

Want my money back!!!!!

I would like my money back!!! I got this app thinking I’d be able to use it to watch the movies and tv series I bought on iTunes on to my TV! Nope

Definitely needs more work.

I been trying to get my tv to connect to the app but every time is connects it disconnects immediately and I can’t get passed the part that says slide up control center. How do you make this app work? I have been trying for 30 mins...

Not working well

This app doesn’t work and I’m trying to figure out how to get a refund. Everyone you scroll a picture it is slow to update it and then it randomly disconnects. Not happy I lost 4.99 on this!!


i paid $5 for this thing and it wouldnt even let my samsung smart tv connect to my iphone 8. followed all the directions, reconnected everything to make sure it was all on the same wifi, and it still wouldnt connect the two. so i would like my money back.

Don’t waste your money

Should have read the reviews 🤦🏽‍♀️ I followed all the set up instructions and this app did not work at all.. waste of money and time. Have contacted the company for a refund I’m sure I won’t be hearing back.

No video

Can’t stream video just images. Not worth it!!

Bad app

Really bad!!!!! The phone and the tv are never in sync, always has a delay. Upset that I spent 5 dollars on this product especially when there isn’t many apps out here for this problem not worth wasting your money.

No volume

Read the information completely before purchasing. Limitations are noted: 1. NO VOLUME FROM SAFARI 2. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH NETFLIX. #2 not my issue but #1 is very important. I was trying to cast a video from web but no volume. Plus, there’s a delay from phone to screen so can’t even use phone sound to watch. Don’t buy.


Hoping to get a refund. I have a NEW iPhone and a NEW Samsung TV. App does not work. DESERVES ZERO STARS.

Waste of money

This app is garbage. Waste of money. I get that I have an iPhone and a Samsung tv but it’s 2018, y’all can do better.

Do not buy

It works to mirror phone image onto TV but the sound does not come from your tv it still comes from the phone and with the 10 second lag, nothing is in sync. Also, the app is constantly loading even when the video on the phone is playing normally. It took me 3 minutes to get through less than 1 minute of video because of the “loading”. This app needs more work! Definitely not worth $5!!

Poor Performance for Price

Response time of mirroring is less than ideal, as well as the quality of picture. Very pixilated. Wish there was a return policy on this app, was not worth the $5.

Works but not too well...

The app does project your phone to the Samsung TV but there is a 5 second delay (which is fine) but the quality is absolutely horrific making it (1) Not worth $5 (2) Not worth the small amount of space it takes up on my phone.

Black Screen

This is not working can I have my five bucks back? The screen is black and I’ve done all the right steps.

Does not work.

I just purchased this because of the good reviews. It worked for about 4 minutes then said error connecting to Samsung TV. What a waste of 4.99... I’d like to be contacted please!

Terrible App



it’s super laggy 🅱️lease help

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