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When I’m doing the mirror screen with the Samsung Tv, it’s lags. Would you be able to fix that?


They pretend like they’re going to fix the issues but never do, total waste of $5 I couldn’t kept. It doesn’t work at all, please listen to this review.

This app is great!

App working great so I can stream my workouts now!!!

#1 star

Volume doesn’t work on safari or chrome that should probably be listed in the description that’s the only reason I even got the app

Doesn’t work

Purchased this app but doesn’t work properly. It connects the iPhone to Samsung TV but disconnects right away, unable to watch.

Great/FAST tech support

I usually like to try apps before buying them and after the first attempt failed, I was going to rip one. But the diag tool and their tech support told me that the ip went to 0 on my Samsung: model UN65H6203 SW version T-NT14MAKUC-1129.7. After renewing the con, everything was great. Great/FAST tech support.

Mirror for Samsung

The app is not as easy to use as promised. Plus, the only easy way to get support is via Facebook... Would like Apple to refund this purchase ASAP. Thanks.


False advertisement,app doesnt work at all!!! I want my money back.SCAM!!!

trash app

garbage don’t waste your time or money

if I could give 0 stars I would

This app didn’t work at all! It couldn’t find my tv and I wish I didn’t waste my money on it!


App does not work. Waste of money, the only video that works is the demo video, nothing else.

Could not get app to work

Tried for a half hour and could not get app to work. A waste of money.



No sound for YouTube mirroring iPhone X

I hear sound on my TV when I mirror my own home videos on my iPhone but when I try to play YouTube there is no sound on my TV I just figured out the problem you have to download the YouTube app to your phone then open the YouTube app start the video then mirror it to your TV and it works!

Horrible lag

I got this app so I could play PUBG mobile on the big screen.. only problem is that there is a 5-7 second delay. This makes it useless. The game is only in “real time” on my phone. It’s only useful if I want to broadcast my game to the tv for friends to watch while I’m playing on my phone. A total waste of $5. I want a refund.

Mirror issues

App won’t mirror after movie has started. And Apple TV don’t allow movies to mirror

Fast customer service

The app didn’t work for me, NOT because of any issues with the app, but because I have a shared internet connection, which usually doesn’t allow devices to connect to each other without restrictions(otherwise, other people can easily access my device). I’m leaving a good review because customer service via Facebook messenger replied and diagnosed my problem instantly and gave me the explanation above. Upon finding that my internet connection doesn’t support screen sharing, customer service recommended me to get a refund. I’m satisfied at how they handled the issue.

Didn’t go very well

Hello, I payed $4.99 for this app and I would like a refund because it will not work on my smart Samsung tv and I really would just like my money back please and thank you

Do not recommend

There is a delay from your phone to the TV but the volume only comes from your phone. Not worth the $4.99.


I highly suggest not buying this app... I followed the directions perfectly fine and the demo was easy to understand. The problem I had was with my DirectTv Now app, and being able to watch movies or tv shows. While I’m in the app and trying to force 3D my screen mirroring button, the only things that have popped up are the Facebook and Camera roll options. I would suggest buying the LIGHTNING ADAPTER instead for $25. Wouldn’t ask for my refund considering you don’t have enough money to be able to make the app work properly. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Hopes Dashed

I downloaded this in hopes of being able to connect to my Samsung TV. I tried everything that has been mentioned and still nothing. My TV doesn’t even come up on the list. That’s $5 down the drain for nothing.

Scam scam scam!

Doesn’t work! Cheated me out of 5 dollars!


It doesn’t work or show what’s on the phone very horrible

Does not work

As of 4-June-2018, this app does not work. Waste of money.


When I long press screen mirroring button nothing pops up, plz help

iPhone iOS 11.3 mirror to Samsung Smart TV

TV App iOS 11.3 will not mirror my video library. Sure I can play YouTube and internet videos, however nothing with local videos on iPhone. I could use TV Cast for Samsung for internet videos. Now I’m another sucker, who paid for this App. DANG !! I knew it. Me so dumb, like the company that made this. Please refund my money. Don’t feel like I do right now. Don’t buy this. TV cast to Samsung smart TV works fine for YouTube and it’s free! The end!

Great App and Customer Service

The app is working great. I had a little problem installing because I am a little tech slow (lol) and I emailed the customer service. They replied almost instantly. They walked me through the process and Bingo- it worked. Thanks to their customer service team I am up and running.


All around terrible app waste of money

Does not work. App crashes when trying to mirror video.

I went through the install, which was easy. The test YouTube video played fine. When I activated screen recording and tried to mirror my own videos from the photos app, you tube or you tube tv, the mirror app would try to load then immediately crash. I’ve restarted my phone, tv, and wireless network several times without any success. I would like a refund.

Worst app

Worst app!!! Its like throwing your money to the garbage it never work !!! I woul like my money back because i feel like this is a scam!!!!


Tried to watch a movie download from my tv app on my phone and it’s completely black tho they mentioned It will happen using Netflix but not downloaded movies . Want a refund !!!!!!

Too long

Doesn’t mirror. It is too slow so it basically doesn’t mirror your screen. Too much lag time. I want my money back

Does not work

Takes forever to load and then when it does it only paired with my one tv (the newer Samsung 8 would not pair). I finally got it to do the demo on the tv but when it came time to actually sync and start pairing it wouldn’t....i want my money back 😡

Don’t buy

App downloaded just fine but after going through set up process there is no option to start mirroring after pressing the screen recording button. Waste of time

Make sure you have a router

This app requires that your iPhone and tv connect through a shared router. It would have been helpful knowing this before purchasing, downloading, and not being able to use the app.


Very angry to have paid $5 for it not to work.

Does not work

Don’t waste money on this. Does not work.


This app is a lie..DOES NOT WORK && I want a refund

Finally got it working.....

And the picture is horrible!!!!!

I want a full refund.

This app is not what it says it is at all. It stops working every 30 seconds, and the audio doesn’t even work. Yes, I have looked through the FAQ to fix the audio issues, and none of them did a thing. I’ve done everything you’ve told me to do, and worked for hours to try to fix it. I want my money back. If you could do that, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Sound lags

App does not pair up with tv good. Plus the sound lags bad. I would have bought it if I’ve known it didn’t work good!

Serious Lag and Volume Issue

There is a serious lag when trying to mirror to the TV. Also another issue is that the volume comes from my phone and not from the TV. My phone is faster then the TV so what I’m watching and listening to from my phone is totally different. I’m extremely disappointed.

Very disappointing

Was looking forward to use the app to be able to watch movies. Unfortunately the app stops working says this function has stopped due to null not even 5 min into trying to connect to the tv. Just can’t get it to work properly even after following the instructions. I should have paid attention to the reviews before purchasing.

This is a Crap App!

If you have $5 you want to throw away on a really bad app, buy this one. I promise you won’t be disappointed, like me you can spend a couple of hours trying to perfect your troubleshooting skills as to why this app won’t even recognize your year old Samsung Smart TV, then you finally realize you have been had. Great job Dev team, you’re number one and I gave you a one star rating to prove it!

Follow the simple instructions!

If you follow the simple instructions it works like a charm. I used my iphone and ipad and 2 different tv’s. Also, I had a question about audio transfer, I sent a facebook message from their page and they responded in like 5 minutes - and it’s 11:30 pm. AWESOME - now I don’t have to buy an Apple Tv !

Terrible apps

The apps is terrible, slow, lag and shut-down. Can I refund?

It doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work at all, the steps to follow doesn’t work, I can’t set it up, I wrote an email to them, but I haven’t gotten no answer.

Terrible app

Followed the instructions to the letter. When I press the record button, it only allows me to record the screen to photos rather than streaming it my Samsung TV.

Very bad

The app does not work for me! I would like a refund !


App is good a little laggy at first but does the job still room for improvement.

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